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Greater Flint Jaycees

General Information

Chapter Chartership
The Greater Flint Jaycees were chartered in September, 1999, as the Grand Blanc Jaycees.  The chapter was extended from the Saginaw Area Jaycees.  For more information, see the FAQ page or the Chapter History page. 

Chapter Affiliations
The Greater Flint Jaycees are part of the Michigan Jaycees,  Region F, District F4. 

Chapter Meetings

  • General Membership Meetings:  First Wednesday of each month at Hill Street Bar & Grill on Hill Road.  We generally start with a 6:30PM social, followed by the meeting at 7:00PM. 
  • Board Meeting:  Third Wednesday of each month, location varies.  Contact Rachel Gunter for details. 
General public and membership is welcome at any of our meetings. 

Chapter Board
Elected once per year to server from January through December.  See the Board page for a list of current Board members. 

For More Information:
Contact the Greater Flint Jaycees Email:  Or contact our President, Rachel Gunter.

Greater Flint Jaycees Frequently Asked Questions Grand Blanc Jaycees Upcoming Events  
Greater Flint Jaycees

Chapter History

Chapter History
This portion is under construction.  The history will include a brief description of the founding of the chapter.

Past Events
This portion is under construction and will include a brief description of each event sponsored by the chapter, as well as major events in which the chapter was involved.  Chapter members, I need your help!  If you have any info on past events which you feel should be included, please email me at

Past Presidents
Since the inception of the first Board of Directors on January 12, 2000, the following members have served as President of the Grand Blanc/Greater Flint Jaycees:
January - May 2000 Bill Bridenbaugh
May - December 2000 Melissa Campbell
2001 Lara Beth Sullivan
2002 Bradley Sullivan
2003-2004 Brenda Wright
2005 Rachel Gunter


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Greater Flint Jaycees in the News  
Greater Flint Jaycees

In the News

The following article, written by Linda Angelo and reprinted courtesy of The Flint Journal, appeared in The Flint Journal on Thursday, August 17, 2000:

County's only Jaycees provides service with smile
by Linda Angelo, Journal Staff Writer
     Greater Flint is the only place in Genesee County that has a local chapter of the Junior Chamber of Commerce.
     The Jaycees are recruiting people to join the group, which provides leadership development through community service to people between the ages of 21 and 39.
     Rebecca Jarvis, who works at Hilliard Lyons, joined the Greater Flint Jaycees shortly after it was chartered in September [1999].
     “It lets you give back to your community,” Jarvis said.  “We are really trying to do a lot of fun projects people will want to get involved in.  If we can do things people will have a good time with, they will want to volunteer.  A lot of people want to volunteer and don’t know where to start.”
     One of the projects Jaycee members have been involved in is West Bendle Elementary School’s Help One Student To Succeed mentoring program.  The members spend a half-hour a week helping students with their reading skills.
“A lot of the kids in there don’t have people at home that do a lot of reading with them,” said Jarvis, who has participated in the project.  “They get so excited when you come in…  If they don’t get help, they may not pass.”
Jaycee members also have been involved in volunteering for the WFUM-FM Pledge Drive,  Greater Flint Summer Festival and the Tuuri Race, which raised money for the Children’s Miracle Network.
     The group also is trying to link up with Vision 2020 activities.
     Barb Smith of Vision 2020 said the Jaycees helped with its spring plant and bulb sale and have agreed to help make Christmas baskets for FISH.
     “Their enthusiasm was just tremendous,” she said.
     “They are biting at the bit for some of the projects we have this fall.”
     Before the Greater Flint chapter formed, anyone interested in joining the Jaycees had to travel to Saginaw to get involved.
     Melissa Campbell, president of the Greater Flint Jaycees, said the group is a great way for young people to network and make friends.
     “We do some different development training where we have projects designed to teach you a new skill,” she said.  “We’ll have a financial planning night coming up… next month is CPR training.”
     Nearly 30 people are members of the Greater Flint Jaycees.  Membership costs $60.  Companies can purchase an ad, which will run for one year, in the group’s newsletter for $125 and receive a free membership for an employee.
     Carrie Gurden, branch manager of Republic Bank on S. Saginaw Street, recently joined the Jaycees.
     “I live in Swartz Creek so I don’t know a lot of people in this area,” she said.  “(I joined) to learn more about the community and to meet people in this area on a personal and business level.”
     The Greater Flint Jaycees meet at 6:30 p.m., the second Tuesday of the month.  The location varies.


The following article, written by John Ribner and reprinted courtesy of the Greater Flint News, appeared on the front page of the Greater Flint News on Sunday, August 8, 1999:

Jaycees Want to Start Local Chapter
by John P. Ribner, Staff Writer
GRAND BLANC – A group of young leaders who want to perform community services is forming in the Greater Flint area.  Members are needed to make the organization strong.
     The Junior Chamber of Commerce, more popularly known as the Jaycees, is creating a new chapter in the Greater Flint area.
     “We are looking to expand into Genesee County, and Greater Flint has the highest concentration of young professionals in the area,” said Bill Bridenbaugh, who is organizing the group.
     Greater Flint is a very progressive and forward-looking community, and it would be a great place to start our Genesee County chapter.”
     The Jaycees is an organization for people between the ages of 21 and 39, who are committed to leadership training through community service.
     The group’s mission is to provide young people with leadership training to better acclimate them to the business world.
     The organization currently has about six members, and Bridenbaugh is looking to add another 20 or more members, in order to make the group official.
     He is holding an informational meeting for interested members at 6:30PM Thursday at the Holiday Inn Gateway Centre off Hill Road.  The meeting is free and open to anyone interested in the Jaycees, as well as other community groups who could benefit from Jaycees volunteer work.
     “Anyone who would like to come and learn more about the Jaycees is welcome,” he said.
 Bridenbaugh said local issues, such as the Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Charter, will be projects that the Greater Flint Jaycees will seek to become involved in, once the organization has enough members.
     “Parks and recreation is a very good place for groups like the Jaycees to donate equipment and manpower,” he said.  “Quality parks are a visible benchmark that say a lot about a community.”
     He also said he is very committed to Public Broadcasting Service, and he plans to have the Greater Flint group staff the phone banks at WFUM’s local drive to support PBS.
     He said he plans to get ideas for other projects from new members as the join the organization.
     Bridenbaugh moved to Greater Flint from Kansas City, MO. in December 1997, when he was transferred due to his job as an information analyst at EDS.
     He first got involved with the Saginaw Area Jaycees because there was no organization in Genesee County.
     “It’s an incredibly great way to get involved with the community,” he said.  “It makes a person feel they are part of their community and that they are doing more than just showing up for work and doing things on the weekends.”
     Bridenbaugh also said the Jaycees helped him make friends and meet people when he was new to the Flint area.
    “There is something to do almost every weekend; even if there is nothing to do with your chapter, you can go help out one of the other chapters,” he said.
     Anyone interested in the Greater Flint Jaycees can contact Bridenbaugh at 236-1082 during business hours, and 953-9315 during the evening.  He can also be reached with e-mail at
     The Jaycees’ Web site is at